Monday, 14 May 2018

Getting Back To Normal (ish)

The Art Trail is over, so today is about putting my home back to rights; with the challenge of maintaining the current level of tidiness! It has been a good experience - many enjoyable conversations about weaving in general, and my practice in particular.
I found it most salutary to tell my story and be reminded about the blessings I have gained in the last few years.
I was right not to become stressed making lots of work for sale; people came to look and talk, not buy necessarily, and that was fine - I now have a good stock of tiny tapestries to stock my Etsy shop (taking photos and doing that will be a day's work).
There are affirming comments in the Visitors' Book to look back on.
I have several new ideas to work on, and a new impetus to finish the larger works.
I shall participate again.

Location:The Loom Room

Friday, 11 May 2018

Making the Most of Lovely Days

My walking mascot Manny Kin; I am working on the 1000 mile challenge with Country Walking magazine, and there is a mascot subgroup on Facebook.

The restored signal on the Hayling Billy coastal path, looking north towards Langstone. It was an excellent day for walking; just enough breeze to stay cool. I clocked up 5.5 miles; Flo probably managed twice that with her scamperings. She is clearly fully recovered from her hip injury!

Last evening I went to see Rory Kinnear and Anne Marie Duff in Macbeth (NT Live streamed to my local indie cinema). I have seen several productions (and been First Witch in one); this was spine-tingling, chillingly excellent.

I have yet to decide on today's activities; aren't holidays delightful?

Location:Hayling Island

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Art Trail Update

The first weekend of Chichester Art Trail took place in blazing sunshine, which rather impacted on visitor numbers - and who can blame people for staying in their gardens or heading to the beach in such glorious weather? Not being overrun with visitors, I was able to spend time in my (beautifully tidy) studio, working at some more tiny (5cm / 2.5") tapestries:-

Samples / experiments from earlier in the year

Made up into brooches (soon to be available in my Etsy shop)


The weather next weekend is supposed to less clement, so it will be interesting to see whether more visits ensue.

I have a couple of days holiday this week; I spent much of today reading my lovely book while lounging on The Beau's boat. Not a bad life!

Location:The Loom Room

Thursday, 19 April 2018

To Do Lists......

I have been looking through images of past work, as well as photos of things that have just caught my eye - all with a view of having more postcards (and possibly greetings cards) printed, ready for the Art Trail. Whittling down and making choices is proving trickier than expected!

Spring has finally arrived in West Sussex; I even managed to get slightly sunburnt on Saturday. The tulips which The Beau planted as a Christmas present surprise are glowing in the sunshine.

I have a loooong ToDo list of tasks to complete before the first weekend in May, but I am not panicking, no, not me..........

Location:The Loom Room

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Ch ch ch changes

Good things have been happening since I blogged last (in September, shame on me!)

A detail of 'Geode II: the bling geode' being woven for a client.

Today I was teaching at WD - a tapestry taster day, encouraging students to use the Purl and Loop minute loom as a sketchbook to generate quick experimental pieces. I have been using mine a lot, and it has proved a very fruitful practice. I am teaching another tapestry day in July, and also a drawing weekend at the end of June (I have a wry smile at that; I was not allowed to do O Level art because the teacher told me "you can't draw". When I got my MFA, I (internally) waved the certificate in the air and shouted "here's to you Mrs Price". That early discouragement is what makes me so passionate about nurturing creativity in others, so I am thankful for her.

The major news is that back in September I was appointed part-time Chaplain with Chichester Anna Chaplaincy, a charity whose volunteers are spiritual befrienders to older people, particularly the room bound and bed bound in Care Homes. It is very rewarding (and very necessary) work, and a great joy to be part of.

Next month is Chichester Art Trail ( and I am participating for the first time, necessitating much shopping for Really Useful Boxes, carpet cleaning, and so forth - a downside of my studio being in my home.

I also plan to get back to regular blogging.

Location:The Loom Room

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

My Home Smells Like a Chip Shop Again

The first tiny tapestry with its verdigris formed:

Two 'objets trouvés' tinies, verdigris in progress:

'Vortex (Storm in a Teacup)' off the loom and in its verdigris making tent:

I know Autumn has arrived because I needed to wear my new hand-knitted studio socks for the first time:

A view of western Chichester Harbour from Langstone; I love where I live!

Location:Fraser Row,Chichester,United Kingdom

Tuesday, 12 September 2017


Only about 3-4" of weaving (at the highest point), the supplementary warps to fill, and the woven part is complete. Then to verdigris and shape forming (oh, and end-burying on the reverse - which will become the outer surface of the bowl - and may take some time).

I am following a 30 day Book Art challenge on Creative Bug; a new mixed media spread each day. Most enjoyable!

I have also been on another road trip; on Saturday I drove up to London on the A3 - all the way to its beginning in The City. I was driving across London Bridge, with a huge grin on my face, never having expected to do such a thing in my life, when I realised that I was the only vehicle on the bridge - a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. I was like the Cheshire Cat by the time I reached the other side and nipped through the canyons between the skyscrapers. I made a day of it by driving along Fournier St and up Brick Lane (amongst other streets) - basically a tour of Whitechapel and Stepney. I find that I really enjoy driving through places where I have walked or 'bussed many a time. I returned on Sunday morning; not quite the length of the A3 to the edge if the sea in Old Portsmouth, but nearly. Positively Dickensian :-)
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